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Been about a year since I wrote in here. Well Good news, I finally got down to 286! Only like a year later but to be fair it took FOREVER to get under 300. I thought that was really weird because I was working out and eating right so I went to the doctor to find out. After many test and doctor appointment my doctors have suggested to me to get gastric by-pass surgery.

So I'm getting it! I go back to the doctors in Jan to get appointment for surgery. I'm scared and excited about it as well. Like I know for sure a change will be coming.

And this year Roberto isn't deployed so I get Christmas with my Usagi <3 and where going to Tx.


Today I had a really great time with Roberto on our adventure to Pensacola. It's a really nice town and had a sweet mall and Roberto bought a super sexy vest to wear from the Buckle *drool* ( note to all men, shop there and you will get some ass)

On another note, I was on myspace today and I saw that alot of my family had been posting a lot of things, also on facebook. Mostly my new sisters and my neices. Who I miss a lot. It's nice to have some family that wants to talk to you all the time and include you in there lifes even if I am a bit older then them. It was still really nice when Jazmine and Jordon and Dezi-do would come over and they would talk to me and ask me quesitons and we'd go swimming or they would want to go somewhere with me.
Then when I lived in Texas with Roberto's littles sisters it was nice to have them to talk to at night and to do goofy stuff with and laugh all time and go somewhere. But I guess I've reached the age where I'm realzing that these things are really important to me. And it makes me really sad to think that I can't have that relationship with them now that I live away from them.
I seem to put family really high up there for me. Growing up I never felt like I was part of the family becasue I was much younger then everyone else and to be honest I felt like they didn't like me at all. I always felt really sad about it. Then when I got older I decided that I wasn't going to be that way to my family that were younger. Now I feel like it was for nothing. Way to go guys, now I just feel unimportant to them and like it doesn't even matter.

Bestie fun!

I just got back from my trip with Becky.

It was soo much fun! We went to the pool. shopped til we were poor again, and went to 6 Flags, and almost got locked out of the car! lol Went out to eat and I even talked Becky into getting her nose pierced! She looks so cute with it too, she always wanted one but was so scared to get it! But she did it and her hubby will LOVE IT! When he gets back from Iraq. I'm so happy for her. Plus I got to spend fluffy time with her corgis, but I missed my babies!!! I also missed my husband, but I think it was good for him to be on his own for awhile, and he did really well because when I got back he cleaned the entire house and re did the bedroom the way I would of liked it! XD I love him!

Job fest!


The call center job that I applied for like back in May finally called me back on my 3rd day at working at Crap Donald's. They wanted me to come in for an interview. I was like YESSSSS!!!!!

*cough* I have to tell you have the interview took place, because I TRULY felt like the world wanted me to have this job, like it was meant to be or something.

So, on ward! The interview was to be at three on a tuesday and it's a bit of a drive to get there. But I didn't mind at all. But it was to late to ask for that day off from work. So I was trying to fingure out a way to get off early that day to I could go. Well I went to check my schedule and out of all the 9 hour days that they give me, that one tuesday was a short day. I was to get off at 12:30. which would have been plently of time for me to get home,eat, shower and make myself pretty and to get there.

So I finally found my way there and they wanted me to take this little computer test to make sure I know how to use one I guess. They told me that it would take about 30 min for me to finsih. I was like sure whatever. I finished it in 7 mins. You should have seen the ladies face. I felt really good about it so far. Then they were kind enough to show me the call center and actually let me listen to some calls with an employee. Which by the way I think is a great way to interview, this way you know exaclty what kind of job you are getting and what you will be doing! The calls sounded easy enough, in fact I had to hold my tounge on not telling the rep on how to take the call. Then I interviewed with someone, then another person. Which I felt really good about as well! I was on freakin' cloud 9 about this. Very confendent about it! My interview was like 2 hours long, with talking to everyone and waiting for the next person to talk too.

They then told me that they will be reviewing over the interviews and be calling people later this week maybe around Friday. I was like sure I could wait that long. Then not even 24 hours after my interview did I get a call for a job offer! Oh! How I felt so great! After a L-O-N-G time of being rejected from other stores or simply not even called for an interview, I was accepted! They wanted my services and they wanted what I could bring to the company! Sweet!

Not only that they let me start my training later in the beginging of Aug so I can go on my trip to visit Becky and family! I was ever so thank for it too! I hope this is the start of a great job! Hell, I might even make a friend! <3

finally a paycheck, but for a PRICE!

Yes, it true what your hearing. I am now a proud member of the workforce once again. But at what price? I'll tell you what price!! The price of a BIG MAC!!!!

After applying to millions of jobs, and going to job fairs, and resume classes and even temp services. I finally get a job at McDonald's, my own personal hell.

I went to my orenitation this morning and it was so awful. I already knew EVERYTHING! And I the hiring manager left me to better much train the other in there paper work . Blah. But the good thing is I should get paid alot more then I use too. I wont know till tuesday how much I;ll be paid. but it should be between 8.50 and 9:96, it better 9.96 because of all my experience.

At least I don't have to wear a hat... lol

Also I should get paid more then I did at Ipay so if I keep up a 40 hour work week my pay checks should be around 700 dollar and that extra money will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

money woes and friendly adventures


You ever notice that you only write in journals when crazy stuff bothers you. Blah!

So I still haven't received a job since I've been here in good ol' Florida. Frankly, that sucks! Our bills are starting to get out of control and and money is becoming tighter and tighter. But I have decided that I can't be picky right now with jobs if it means keeping everything we have. So ungratfully I have applied at McDonalds. I have an interview this Friday at 10. If I don't get hired I will know that hell has frozen over.

But on a lighter note. Meh friend becky has decided to buy me a plane ticket to come visit her for two weeks!!! Her hubby Chris is all the way over to Iraq and she all alone and to be honest those two weeks will rock my socks off. Because I haven't just hung out with Becky since our senior summer. Just me and her, all alone to do all the things we use to do before we had boyfriends or jobs or husbands! lol It will be so amazing. Plus, her mother who lives on the street next to mine has made a fine plan for me and Becky to drive down to Ky, which is only like a 4 hour drive to surprise my mom and dad with a visit. I'm not ready for a year to go by since I've seen them I guess. We will only be there for a few days but I think my mom and dad will love it plus Becky will be able to see her mama too. Good times.
This is also why I would love to get a job as soon as possible so I can come up with some spending money when I get there to do fun things and you know, pay for my own food and stuff. lol But Becky really is a good friend, one day when I have enough money to not worry I'm going to spoil her again like I did in high school. I just hope that day comes soon so she doesn't have to wait. Maybe we'll plan a vacation or something and I'll pay for a big part of there trip, like plane tickets or hotel and stuff. I think that would just make her smile. Speical if it was to Japan. Are hopefully soon to be next couple vaca! Hopefully sooner then later! I love you Becky and we will have the greatest time ever!!!! Promise!!

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Small update<3

So my friends Bradley and Ryan came to visit me this last week, and it was by far the best time I've had in Florida so far! Great week needless to say. So it was that much harder when they had to leave. I swear, if they lived here I would never be bored! I'v forgotten how much fun it was to hang out with friends and just relax at your home with good friends and watch movies or play video games.

I can only wish that I could find a new friend like that here, but I still haven't had the chance to meet new people who are my own age or someone that I feel like I could have some fun with or a connection with. Hopefully soon, I was never good with making friends. *falls over*
Yesturday ablsoutly sucked.

So I went to see the "women doctor" just to get some birthcontrol and what not. I go in feeling pretty good about it. I like my doctor and she nice. So we go into it I suppose and she tries to get a "sample" and the mintue she touched me I screamed FUCK! and started crying. It was so painful. The doctor and the nurse freaked out and stopped to ask me what happen. Will needless to say it sucked. So whatever she did aparently wasn't suppose to hurt so I'm getting transferred to Eglin AFB hositpal to look further into it.

After that she looked me over once again. She noticed a dark ring around my neck. Now I've always had this. My mom has always been on my ass about thinking that I'm dirty. Well it wasn't dirt MOM! It's a tall tale sign for diabetes or some sort of cancer. Well either way it sucks ass. So I'm going in in a couple of days for some big blood work day. So I'm just hoping that everything turns out well. *sigh* suckie day indeed.

Starting fresh

Today I started my food journal.

Hopefully I'll be able to stick with it. I would love to be able to get to 200 some day soon. That would be awesome!

I've found out about this very kewl center on base thats right behind were I work, it's called HAWC. They have a little gym and trainers and lots of people there to help you, so hopefully I'll be able to make a lifestyle change.

Other then that, I haven't been feeling very... well good I guess. I haven't done anything wrong, nor has anyone done anything wrong to me. I'm just a little sad about how my life is heading I guess, maybe I'm not doing enough. I need to sit down and think about what I need to do. I might get on that this weekend since Roberto has to work all weekend on 12 hour shifts. Hmmm... seems like a plan.

blah blah

So I started working my new job this week. It's not a great job, but it pays and has good hours so it will do for now.

Other then that life has been kinda just there. I've been playing my new Pokemon game, and Zelda, and also Viva Pintata! (I think I spelled that right) All of them are really fun. I also cut all my hair off again. I was trying to grow it out and it got really long, but the longer it got the least I liked it. So now it's super short, thinking about dying it blonde for the summer. Not sure though.

But there is two things that I'm getting excited for! Next month will be the end of my first year of being married! >.< I'm so excited! May the 31st will mark my first year being Roberto's wife! I can't wait to get him his present! Also at the end of May Bradley and Ryan are coming to visit me and Roberto so that should be fun as well!